Journey To Enlightism

About Enlightism:

Enlightism is not only a website, but a platform specifically built for youngsters & students to make success permanent in their lives! Not only through our motivational articles and videos but also through study resources contributed by high achiever students here at our platform for FREE!! I guarantee you it’ll all help you for sure.

Why I started it?

Who doesn’t want an access to study notes FOR FREE? Well! That’s the reason I started my own website in 2019 by its name Contributor but couldn’t resist to step ahead and now I have changed it to Enlightism- name derived from Enlighten to symbolize Light and success. I made my own notes during my exams prep, but guess what? I wasn’t in the favour of just throwing them away after my exams. Then after all I decided to scan more of them and upload them so you all could get benefit in no time & avoid spending hours of search to get some useful notes for guidance and exam prep.

Being a Pakistani student, I am working for the welfare of humanity and easing things out for students- with the aim to provide FREE study resources and notes which I found difficult, at my time across web. Now, Alhamdulillah I am working with a team of students across my country to guide you all, in terms of education as well as Personal development. I guarantee you that our guidance will help you in all fields of life!

Best Wishes,

Novaira Batool

Founder, Enlightism

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