Meet the Team

Our team is made up of mission-driven skilled students all across Pakistan.

Novaira Batool
Founder & CEO

A med-student passionate about expanding her knowledge and skills while exploring the creative side. She’s an art and poetry admirer and with a love for exploration, she strives to make the most of every opportunity and finds joy in every moment.

Zaira Marrium
Director Content Management

Meet Zaira Marrium -a self-proclaimed crazy cat lover who spends her whole day searching for the purrfect cat memes.

Rahaab Najam
Director Human Resource

I love reading novels, painting and watching movies or shows.

Ayan Fatima

My hobbies are none other than binge-watching Gilmore Girls, calling my long-lost friends, and reading whatever traumatic piece of literature I can get my hands on, knowing full well it will scar me for life.

Zoha Umar
Director Marketing

I’m currently in my last year of O levels, doing it from Beaconhouse Liberty Campus, Lahore.

Vaneeza Bukhari
Director Social Media

I’m an A2 student, i love listening to music, reading and playing instruments.

Syeda Hareem Gillani
Director Event Management

I’m currently an O3 student who is very passionate about photography, more specifically landscape, and wildlife photography. I’m also a trekker and have done multiple projects focusing on the energy crisis in the northern areas of Pakistan.

Gull Ansa
Director Video Production

Passionate editor

Syed Muhammad Ziean
Content Manager

I like to listen to different genres of music and I have an interest in Environmental science and want to become an environmentalist.

Aiza Mubashar
Content Manager

Asalamoalaikum, I am Aiza Mubashar. I am a freshman and majoring in biotechnology. I have joined Enlightism as the content manager.

Amal Ashar
Content Writer

A science geek who loves to express her thoughts through writing and arts.

Fareeha Rehman
Content Writer & Content Editor

Hey there! I’m a passionate wordsmith who loves nothing more than getting lost in the rhythm and flow of poetry. When I’m not crafting verses, you’ll find me gazing up at the stars, marveling at the mysteries of the cosmos. And when I’m not doing either of those things, I’m out in the community, lending a hand and making a difference through my volunteer work.

Iqra Kainat
Content Writer

A student of. B.S

Annoushay Tehseen
Content Writer

Hi there! My name is Annoushay Tehseen, and I’m a first-year medical student with a passion for writing and research. Currently, I am working as a Content Writing Intern at Enlightism, where I get to combine my love for language and my interest in various subjects to create engaging and informative content. When I’m not studying or writing, you can find me with my nose buried in a book, exploring new topics and perspectives. I am a firm believer in the power of knowledge and am always looking for ways to expand my understanding of the world around me.

Sameera Alizai
Content Writer

My dream is to travel the whole world and interact with people from different cultures.

Labaik Jokhio
Social Media Manager

Hey, I’m Labaik, really looking forward to working and learning with everyone. I’m an A-level student, maths and business are my fav subs. I also like memorials/historical heritage and like to write about it. Fun fact: It will take 5 mins to be my friend:)

Zainab Ali
Marketing & HR Manager

I want to earn money so I can provide for all my cats once I am older. Purristan Zindabad!

Mehak Aslam
Marketing Manager

I am driven by ambition and the idea of success because of which I put in the most I can into my academics and also my extra curricular such as volleyball which I mostly find to be a stress reliever.

Vareesha Mobeen
Marketing Manager

I am a really inquisitive, thoughtful, organized, committed, and researcher. I will be the best of myself.

Maliha Saleem
HR Manager & Video Editor

InshaAllah soon to be in my dream Medical college.

Fiza Mubbsher
Event Manager & Voice Actor

Currently surviving through A1, whilst keeping my joy of reading and painting alive and having a keen interest in different scents and associating them with people and place.

Manakashay Sultan Tareen
Content Writer

Hi everyone! I am Mankashay, the content writer at Enlightism. Three accurate descriptions of me would include: insane bookworm, passionate visionary of classic literature, and an aspiring entrepreneur.