Quotes On Life

''Zindagi apki marzi ka naam nhi hai, zindagi to apne Rab ki raza pr raazi rehne ka nam hai. Jisne ye smjh lia usne sb pa lia''

Duniya mai har insan ko izzat do ye soch kr k wo bhi Allah ka bnda hai ap m r usme kia farq hai? Koi bhi nhi! Ap bhi insan wo bhi, chahe ksi maqam pr ap q na puhanch jao akhir ap us Rab ke ghulam ho. Insan kehta h mera hi sb kuch lekin haqeeqat m to chalti saansain bhi uski nhi to insan kis baat pr gharor kre. Baray ko izzat do ye soch kr unki naikian ziada, choton pr shafqat kro ye jan krke uske gunnah kam hain. Bs yehi insaniyat hai!

Respect every human being in the world by thinking that he is also a servant of Allah. Just think, what’s the difference between you and anyone else? None ! You are also a human being, no matter where you go in life or whatever you achieve, after all you are a slave of God. Man says that everything is mine, but in reality, the breaths are not even under his control, then what should man be proud of? Respect elders, thinking that their virtues are more, and have mercy on the little ones, knowing that their sins are less. That is humanity!

Phoolon ki trah insan ki bhi 2 hi duniya hain- aik andar hi, dosri zahiri. Ap wo insan bnain jaise dil m hai waise bahir logo m hai. Andar kuch ho r bahir logo k lie kuch ho ye to munafiqat hai aur aese kam krne wale kbhi zindagi m sakoon nhi pate to aesa insan bnain jo har ksi k lie mukhlis ho! Baqi Allah toufiq de.

Like flowers which show its colours and similarly being matched by its colour the fragrance is also attractive in other word the outer and inner world of flower is one. Similarly, human also has two worlds – one inside, the other outside which the duniya portrays him as . Be that person who is the same inside-out not like the ones who have hatred for a person inside but they show themselves as a friend to that person and this is hypocrisy hypocritical that person can never be sincere and can never stay happy. So be person whose intentions are always pure and is sincere to everyone !