Tips To Never Give Up!

When you return alive from a war, it's similar to have a rise after fall!

There are many incidents when you hear such and such person committed suicide, and your reaction is it’s nothing new to hear of! You guess out may of depression, failure in exams, fired out of job. Bankrupt and all other consequences leading to the act of hopelessness. So my question is what’s your point of view on it, that should we respond to it or accept it i.e. ignore it straight away!

Now as we are here in this world stuffed with problems, the key to get off the rocks, is to understand what all the situation is about. If you began to cry when you see something is wrong remember your personality is weak enough that it cannot even understand the problems of others. Then you are unable to support emotional needs of sad people out there. But we have to say YES to ourselves that right we can do everything we want to.

Every impossible thing is possible, if you try hard!

So what’s your intention next would be your upcoming act, but it must be of act of kindnesses not act of ruthlessness. therefore its only possible if you don’t give up if you fail at any stage of life, may it be emotionally or financially because the one who loses hope loses itself and who loses itself loses others as well. Sadly, what would be the result then?

Then of course, a question would annoy you every time “God why’d you send me here in this world where i don’t have anything”, but the person forgets that his soul is there with him promising to be with him only if he recognizes himself. As a result, the point is you don’t lose anything the one jewel that you lose is trust and hope in your life, you think that only money relationships, grades, worldly things are more important that your own satisfaction and happiness with your life.

Therefore the key point is the way how you would recognize the life you are living and its purpose. These worldly things are temporary just as your life is but if you’re happy it’s the valuable jewel that only few catch in the sea of life. Also understanding the purpose that you have to live an extraordinary, odd life in which you can reach out to others, help the needy; and inspire the world all around. It’s a fact when you make others happy, you also get life-long happiness; than one who only focuses on himself but not others.

Stay selfless, to be Helpful!!

Hence, to live a life of prosperity, remember to stay hopeful and ready to bare your burden; always reach out to others to get every joy and love you long to have!

So What is Your Purpose Of Life?

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