O level/IGCSE Islamiyat Paper 1

I have uploaded my own compiled notes of “Islamiyat IGCSE OR O level Notes” for Revision and Exam preparation. They are extremely useful and would be Insha’Allah resourceful and helpful even before you prepare for the CAIE’S exam preparation. I guarantee you fully, that you would Insha’Allah ace it  and would get an A* or A in the CAIE Islamiyat exam if you prepare from these notes which were perhaps indispensable for me during my exam preparation and Alhamdulillah I achieved success in CAIE Exam.

They include all the chapters covering the entire chapters of PAPER 1 with useful references in colored form plus revision checklist and revision guide as well. They also contain the Timeline of the Holy Prophet’s SAW lifetime.

You can go through and learn through them from your device after downloading the pdf but it is preferable that you get it printed for easy access and use.

If you want any help do contact us at the email or at the comments section below. I hope these notes are of great help to all of you.

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