''Failures are the Stepping Stones of Success"

We all have aspirations in our heads, but few of us realise them on our first try. Dreaming is all about what we most want and hope for. But do you know what is the cutest of all of these? Making dreams come true! There is only one attribute which can make this happen – by never giving up! It means that you do not allow your failures to be a stumbling barrier for you, but rather use them as stepping stones

How many of us have succeeded on our first try at something? There aren’t many! This demonstrates that success cannot be obtained in a single day. However, when it comes to a difficult assignment, it requires a lot of hard work to score well. Or if you failed of your exams..well! that’s not the end of the world! So let’s look into 4 points that you must always remember & implement to achieve success!

Never give up is the attitude that one should maintain and live his or her life with, regardless of the circumstances. One should keep working and battling against the odds, and wait for the day when he or she will find what he or she has been searching for throughout his or her life.

1) Try Try Again

''Winners never quit, quitters never win''

So if youre thinking that’s all I could do not more? But don’t forget Failure does not define your success. Even if you fail, you should get up & try again but you should never give up on your ambitions.

That’s why Thomas Edison, the famous inventor of light bulb! His attempts to perfect the light bulb failed 1000 times. But His attitude toward failure was just outstanding. “I didn’t fail 1,000 times,” he answered firmly. “I discovered a thousand ways not to create a light bulb.”

You should constantly remember that even if you work hard for your objectives, there will always be someone working even harder for comparable goals, and it is up to you whether you want him/her to win or if you will battle hard and get it for yourself. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to be successful.

2) Learn From Your Mistakes

Remember: no one in this world is flawless- no one will ever be. Everyone make many mistakes, but it is your actions following, those mistakes that determines whether you are better or worse than others.  If you rectify those mistakes, and work on it to reach your objective, you are a hero; if you give up on your aspirations because of a mistake, you never had a goal or dream to strive toward in the first place.


3) Success takes time

''Every successful person was once an unknown Person who refused to give up on his defeat"

It takes a much sleepless days and nights, a lot of sweat, and hard effort, and it can only be done if you never give up on the tiny setbacks that you will experience along the way- Suppose you need to reach the top floor of a building through stairs only, but if you are willing to take long jumps just to reach in second, do it at your own risk but what if you cross each step of stairs although it might take long but you will reach safely that’s what also our practical life is all about!

What matters in life is our attitude. We cannot enjoy the flavours of achievement if we give up quickly. It takes years for a tree to bear fruit. The road to success might be bumpy and difficult, but if we keep going without wavering, the day of victory is not far away.

4) Believe In Yourself

If you want something big, you must not give up until you get what you are seeking for. Self-confidence is the only thing that can help you attain our goals. It will do miracles if you think you can. but, you must first believe in yourself before expecting others to believe in you and let the world know you not because you gave up but because of your success

If it was today someone said, “you can’t do this”….then tomorrow should be the day to make them believe you did it- reflecting your hard work, positive mindset and consistency!

When life gives us a thousand reasons to give up, give yourself one more reason to try. "Never Give Up" till you become a great achiever.

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