How to get into LNMC Karachi-A Guide by Dr.Mahnoor Channa

My name is Mahnoor Channa. I was born in Karachi although I have lived most of my life at Sukkur. My hobbies include singing and painting. I have done my FSC from Public School Sukkur.

My future goal includes becoming a successful doctor like my father, make sure that I do my best when giving medical care to my patients.

The Only Ambition....

Moreover, Singing is not only my hobby but it is also my passion, I would like to give it a try as well. There have been times in my life where people doubted me and my passion but I have always been steadfast in pursuing my goal. I got 906/1100 in FSC and after trying my luck at Medical test ( MDCAT BY NTS ) I scored 147/200, but missed the Govt sector by a slight mark. So, I got into LNMC(a private medical institute) as my Aggregate was 78% and we could Afford it too, I got kind of scared to improve for another year. For me improving felt like wasting a whole year and I got so emotional after that test because that phase of life was really hard.

How I prepared for MDCAT?

For MDCAT preparation, I took pre-entry classes right after clearing FSC in Sukkur, Academies are a must , but you can’t grasp concepts there unless you also do self-study ( This is what I think ) , They run too fast ( Talking about Academies in Sukkur ), Table tuitions and self-study is the best way to prepare for MDCAT . My pre-entry classes didn’t help me much like the table tuitions and self-studying did. But one should take admission in entry classes and attend them as we do get to learn some new tricks and tips which might help us in entry test like Weekly tests help us to manage our time and give an idea about the test.

Finally I did it!

But I am sure that everything happens for our own good and I am glad to be here. I am today a proud student of LNMC, it has given me a platform to fulfil my dream of becoming a doctor, as well the extra-curriculars are a great part of the adventure. I am in my second year now and soon after the exams for which I am hopeful, I will be in third year INSHALLAH.

To get into a private med college, money is not only the way to get into LNMC or any other private college Yes!! Money does matter but so does the ''aggregate''

 Lnmc selects top merit ( after Govt sector )so every year its getting tough , Hundreds of students sit for the interview but only 100 get in there so it is pretty clear that its not only the money, Your aggregate, your confidence should be up to to mark So work and prove the world that you can do it.

Why you should consider taking admission in LNMC?

LNMC is different from other medical colleges in many ways, first of all, it treats its students well, the labs are quite up to date, the teaching method is also impressive. I have spent whole 2 years in this college and I bet No private college of Sindh can compete for its rules and regulations, maintenance, and everything, If you are thinking about getting into LNMC , Go for it . Its just a piece of suggestion that don’t remain confined to your studies only, take part in each extracurricular activity , Make the most out of these 5 years because these are going to make your professional career. I hope this guide will be helpful for you!

If you need to ask any questions you can drop in the comment below or directly ask Dr. Mahnoor Channa through her instagram profile.(click below)

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