5 Powerful Ways To Overcome Burnout

Can’t get out of bed?

Want to try something new, but can’t gather up the strength and motivation to begin?

Feeling unproductive and lazy all the time?

Going through all of the above and still can’t come up with any solution to eliminate it?

You’re probably suffering from burnout.

Burnout is a condition in which someone under the influence of multiple sources of pressure and stress starts feeling emotionally, spiritually and physically exhausted. 

There are several reasons that a person might face burnout. The first one of them is constant stress with multiple sources. A person who works multiple jobs, or someone going through academic and financial pressure will not find multiple sources of stress a new concept, and soon that stress drains out their willpower to work, which leads to exhaustion.

Secondly, someone who has gone through different ventures and ends up failing in all of them may experience a burnout. For example, a student failing to get good grades amidst endless hours of studying, or a fresh graduate looking for a job but always getting rejected. Such people lose their enthusiasm to work and usually fall into a hole of hopelessness and lack of motivation. They hesitate to try again in life, which leads to unproductivity.

Despite burnout being a very common problem in people nowadays, only a few are able to eliminate it, as it requires a solution from its foundation, which is changing a person’s mindset itself.

Here are a few ways you can start feeling credible and productive against burnout.

1. Try to accomplish every small thing

While being burnt-out, one might wonder and manifest certain big tasks to do and make up organized timetables for the day in their head. However, since such people are exhausted, most of the time, they can not execute these timetables. With that being said, people who are burnt-out should channel their energy into performing the smallest of tasks, like making their beds when they wake up, getting themselves a glass of water and then stretching right after. They should never miss any opportunities to do the smallest of tasks as every drop of their work contributes immensely to the tasks they have to perform throughout the whole day.






2. List down the Pros

Someone suffering from burnout is usually lacking an open and positive will to work. There are several factors throughout the day which may enable a person to perform the simplest of tasks. Some of them being the ability to rest and be carefree after performing a task, feeling productive, feeling confident in oneself and many more. Listing these factors or pros is another way of battling burnout. For example, if a person is burnt-out, and wants to start writing the essay they have been putting off for so long, they should try writing the advantages of writing that particular essay. Some of which are, not having to cram it the night before the submission date, not having to sit in detention, being able to produce better work in a longer time and boost grades, they will get to watch Netflix afterwards, etc. These kinds of little benefits go hand in hand with performing a task, and their manifestation is very helpful to get over a burnout and get back to working productively.

3. Change your mindset

When they say ‘change starts with you’, they actually mean that in order to propel yourself forward, you don’t have to change yourself physically, but you have to change your mindset. Each and every problem requires a mindset change. As long as a person’s will, mentality and heart are not ready to do something, it becomes impossible to accomplish.

If you really want to overcome burnout, you will have to find energy and dedication, and take things into a positive account. Instead of starting with something as stressful as calculus questions, try finding a way to change the perspective. Don’t be stressed and don’t burden yourself, but look at it as a motivation to do further. Convert your stress into a factor that compels you to do something. Maybe explaining to someone is your way of learning instead of watching someone else attempt it. Start finding good in everything that you do, start looking at essay writing as a chance to express imaginative thoughts and feelings, start looking at house chores as a mission to make your house look the cleanest in every way possible. Take everything lightly and peace shall come at last.






4. Take breaks and remember to rest

Several times, burnout can be because of excessive work with no breaks, and it results in you struggling to complete a task. The point is to work smart, not hard. One of the components of working smart is to take breaks. Conspicuously, goals cannot be accomplished without hard work, however, it is essential to realize that too much hard work can drown the effort a person has already put in. For instance, if you have an exam the next day and you start preparing for it the day before, you must realize that studying for ten hours constantly won’t reap you any results. However, taking breaks in between your work, and preferably working on study sessions of an hour or two with breaks in between can be more effective and productive for your brain. Let’s not forget the fact that starting studying for an exam just a day prior isn’t the wisest decision. Instead, start studying a couple of hours each day and revise the concepts the day you learnt it.

5. Sit back and relax, leave it to God

Many things are better if left unbothered. If you are burnt-out because one of your causes is not reaping results, or are worried that your newest struggles might not be successful, don’t sweat. As long as you have worked hard and with dedication, all will be good. Remember, being anxious will not bring any change into your work.

Conclusively, burnout might not be very easy to overcome. But we all can get there, even if it’s by being as slow as a snail. Take baby steps towards your destination. Once you start, just be patient and be dedicated. When you finally reap what you sowed, your exhaustion will wear off as well. God has everything planned for us and maybe not getting what you had desired initially  has a reason, maybe you will be blessed with something much bigger just by being patient and persevering.


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