Solitude: Mastering the art of staying alone

‘Solitude is bliss’. Many of us might disagree with the mentioned statement. However, as a person matures and gains practicality, they realise that solitude is the key to a self focused, goal-oriented and successful life. 

Coming back to my first point. People do disregard the idea of solitude a lot. Some of those who prefer solitude are perceived as introverts, while the rest of them are either ‘nerds’ or ‘geeks’. The whole idea of solitude is essentially misperceived because of a misunderstood principle about it. 


“People who like solitude are depressed,”

“If you like solitude, you don’t like people and you are under-confident”


1. Understand that it is a privilege rather than an option

Picking solitude over a socially buzzing setting full of opinions and conflicting ideas is definitely a privilege. People who prefer a social setting are definitely strong-headed and resilient, but those who side with tranquillity are sufficient within themselves and choose not to hassle their mind with unwanted opinions. 



2. Solitude boosts self esteem

Unsolicited opinions gnaw at your esteem. Focusing and thinking too much about the negative opinions of others – even merely hearing them – can be a big blow to your mental peace. Hence, when you are directed towards the path of success, it is better to keep to yourself. The only key to this, of course, is solitude. It is better to stay alone rather than having a company which chews off of you and deflates your confidence. Moreover, jealousy is destruction’s best friend, and genuine people are difficult to find nowadays. Since we never know who hides jealousy under a fabricated mask, it is better not to indulge anyone in your plans at all. 

3. Time spent in solitude is your brain’s essential vitamin

Following the aforementioned point, solitude is healthy for your self-esteem. It garners a peaceful environment for your brain where it is able to produce wonderful ideas and results. People who prefer solitude are so staunch with their views that they become the one-in-a-million who accomplish their goals strategically. Solitude decorates your brain with new ideas. Newton was not sitting in a gathering when he pondered on the reason for an apple falling on the ground and discovered gravity.  





4. Solitude helps a person sustain on their own presence

The truth of the world, as harsh as it may be, is that we were sent down alone and we have to return back alone. Tailing this, seeking solitude is a great way for one to be independent not only physically, but emotionally as well. If, say, someone has suffered in solitude and gotten through that hardship in solitude by themselves, he becomes more adaptable than someone in need of a helping hand. People who usually live alone know how to drive, cook, clean, work etc. which makes them more resourceful and street-smart.

Conclusively, solitude may not be everyone’s cup of tea and success can be achieved by extroverted people as well, but solitude too carries its own form of beauty. A beauty, which if sought, can help transform a person for the better.


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