Reading is a very basic and familiar task for us that we begin hearing and practicing in our childhood. The first revelation of the Holy Quran was, ‘Iqra’ – to read. Reading isn’t bound to merely studying at school, it also extends to the study of the whole world.

Communicating with others is essentially us voicing our thoughts. Thoughts are combinations of words. Words are pieces of information that we obtain from our social circle, surroundings, and other sources. And out of all such sources, the most important source is “reading”. We enhance our vocabulary and knowledge by reading.

On the other hand, for a student, getting educated is not possible without reading. If one begins to read comprehensively, then he or she will be able to write and express things more easily. Most students struggle because their reading skills are weak. Reading is the key to understanding the actual meaning of any text. There are miscellaneous ways to improve our reading skills.

Some effective ways for effective reading are:

  1. The first and most important step to making your reading effective is to practice. Practice comes from repeatedly reading something on a daily basis. You should set a time for reading and do so daily. Make it your habit/routine even if it is at a minimum of one passage or a maximum of 2 pages. That improves your fluency so you will soon be able to read more pages at the same time.
  2. Attention is another name for recognition. Reading anything with full, undivided attention leads to developing or recognizing your reading skills. If you want to understand things or gain actual information you must give complete focus to your text.
  3. If you are reading any kind of text that is new for you, then underline unfamiliar words and search them in a dictionary, Google, or other sources. This gives you a chance to expand your vocabulary.
  4. Read something apart from your course books. Refer to best-selling collections of books in your free time. This will aid you immensely in effective reading and also enlighten you with new knowledge and vocabulary.
  5. Numerous people face an issue in correctly pronouncing a word. If some words are new for you, then you may follow the steps below as a guide to enunciating them correctly:

i)Read them a little bit loudly.

ii) Break them into pieces.

6. For better understanding, you may sit alone in a corner without distractions so you can focus properly. You will be able to give full attention and reap full benefits from your text.

You will not get results immediately. Everything takes time to happen. So give more time to your reading and you will hopefully become successful in improving your reading, writing and speaking skills!

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