MDCAT Physics- Topic-wise Notes

Shortlisting & Formula-sheet

MDCAT Physics Shortlisting by Ayesha Abaid

Physics Formula-sheet by Shoaib Awan

List of Scientists Names by Shoaib Awan

1) Dynamics & Kinematics

Unit 1 by Aminah Mushtaq

Force & Motion by Ayesha Abaid

2) Circular Motion

Circular Motion By Aminah Mushtaq

Circular Motion by Ayesha Abaid

Rotational And Circular motion by Ihsaan Ahmed


Unit: Work By Aminah Mushtaq

Work & Energy by Ayesha Abaid

Work and energy by Ihsaan Ahmed


Thermodynamics by Aminah Mushtaq

Thermodynamics by Ayesha Abaid

Thermodynamics by Ihsaan Ahmed


Electrostatics by Aminah Mushtaq

Electrostatics by Ihsaan Ahmed

6)Electric Current

Unit Electric Current by Aminah Mushtaq

Combination of Resistors by Ayesha Abaid

Current Electricity by Ihsaan Ahmed

7)Electromagnetic Induction

Unit Electromag. induction by Aminah Mushtaq

Electromagnetic Induction by Ihsaan Ahmed


Electromagnetism by Aminah Mushtaq

Electromagnetism by Ayesha Abaid

Electromagnetism by Ihsaan Ahmed


Rectification by Aminah Mushtaq

Rectification by Ihsaan Ahmed

9)Atomic Spectra

Atomic Spectra by Aminah Mushtaq

Atomic spectra by Ihsaan Ahmed


Unit Waves by Aminah Mushtaq

Waves by Ayesha Abaid

Waves by Ihsaan Ahmed

11)Dawn Of Modern Physics

Dawn of modern physics by Aminah Mushtaq

Dawn of Modern physics by Ihsaan Ahmed

12)Nuclear Physics

Nuclear Physics by Aminah Mushtaq

Nuclear Physics by Ihsaan Ahmed