Why physical fitness is extremely important?

A person who is fit, is capable of living life to its fullest extent!

In developed countries, two ministries are being more focused than others Education and Health. Because if people would be well educated and physically fit, the country will progress more.

Physical and mental fitness play a very important role in our lives and people who are both, physically and mentally fit are less prone to medical conditions as well.

When physical activity is combined with proper nutrition, it can help to control weight and prevent obesity which is a major risk factor for many diseases.

Quantity of life is according to Allah’s will but the quality of life is in our own hands we could make our life better and healthy by raising the physical activities and if we are fit then this could help us to live more.

The victories come from sports!!

A great example of the advantage of sports is newspaper which is full of agony, chaos & frustration except for the sports section which is full of hope, accomplishment, triumph victory, and these things energize our brain & make us mentally fit which leads us to the healthy lifestyle and make us fit citizens because of healthy nation prosperous country.

How to invite students to sports activities?

Now, we come to the point that how could we attract people to playgrounds, parks, and fitness centers. It could happen by organizing sports activities and for this purpose, we should start it from the educational institutions.

As physical education is becoming an important aspect of the curriculum of schools and colleges because through participation in its many activities \students are helped to acquire skills, attitudes, and knowledge that is required for living today.

 First of all, in meeting the objectives of physical education:

  1. students are helped to understand and accept their physical attributes,
    limitations, and ways of moving.
  2. to develop and maintain the highest possible levels of
  3. to develop acceptable social patterns and to acquire skills essential for
    successful participation in activities suitable for leisure.

In helping students to attain the above mentioned objectives, teachers also need to be familiar with a wide range of activities ..

So that they can select from these activities the ones that can be used in each situation to the best advantage, to adapt the instructional methods the individual needs, a teacher must know each student’s progress and be able to provide revisions in the program as new needs are revealed. A teacher should be familiar with these aspects because he/she is the role model for students & students always try to follow him.

A great achievement!!

In this way, we could help students to achieve the qualities of leadership because leadership quality is one of the great concerns in a democratic society and physical education offers daily opportunities to the students for developing these qualities, and this results in the conduction of recreational activities in schools and colleges.

These types of recreation activities such as inter-house sports competitions, sports weeks, a wide
range of sports tournaments in which students put all their effort to achieve the glory of victory, help them to be passionate and concerned about achieving their goals and help them to set their goal in every walk of life.

End Note..

That’s how we could get people interested in physical activities and make people aware of the importance of physical fitness and to meet the highest level of fitness we have to work on it because that is how we could make a healthy society and healthy society leads towards the healthy country. Especially in these types of circumstances when our country is facing a huge crisis we need to raise these types of healthy activities.

As there’s a famous quotation:


So, by making healthy minds we could help our country to be at the top of the globe.(Insha’Allah)

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Hafsa Jawad Qureshi

A very good attempt keep it up and all the best

Samina roohi

Very informative good and valuable article

Samad Qureshi

Very useful and informative article

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Very informative and useful.