How To Get Into Allama Iqbal Medical College(AIMC)|Guide by Wania Waseem


My name is Wania Waseem. I am a first-year MBBS student at AIMC Lahore. I gave the national MDCAT test for the first time in 2020 and I got  180 /200 marks, my second attempt was in 2021 and then I got 191 /210 marks.  

So I will guide you in the preparation for the upcoming MDCAT test.

 Talking about my journey- in my family, my cousins are becoming doctors so my interest developed from there about becoming a doctor.

In Matric:

I was always a brilliant student among the top three students of the class. In Matric, I scored 1058/1100. 

My study routine was not that tough in Matric. I usually studied before tests or in exams and just understood what we were taught in lectures. 


In FSC, I changed the board from FBISE to BISE due to which I faced a lot of difficulties in studies and pattern so couldn’t score as good in FSC and I got 983 marks.

How I prepared for the MDCAT test?

Then I started preparing for MDCAT in which I took lectures, made notes, and devoted my time for preparation. I scored very well but due to my low FSC marks, I couldn’t secure admission on my first attempt.  

In my second attempt, I improved 3 subjects of FSC and prepared for MDCAT again. 

I was firm about my goals. I figured out my mistakes. I never blamed anyone for my failure. Remember one thing at the end students will get admission despite any drama or chaos by PMC so you have to be in those students. Try to distance yourself from the ongoing chaos by PMC and only focus on your studies.

From not even being in the provisional list in 2020 to standing in the merit No.38 in the provisional list of UHS & merit no.2 in AIMC -this is my journey.

Join Academy Or Not?

In my opinion, you should join the academy as a fresher because during the transition from FSC to MDCAT you don’t know about many things and patterns and the academy will help you with that. If you are a  repeater then self-study would be sufficient. 

In the academy, by attempting tests you will get an idea about the pattern of MCQs and time management.

I joined online academy session both times because of COVID. You can also join if you follow the schedule punctually.  Follow the tests and practice material of the academy otherwise, you can find a lot of stuff on the internet. Try to practice more and don’t exhaust yourself. Try to be consistent.

Subject-wise Guidance:

1) Biology:

Biology is the main subject and has the highest weightage in the test. For biology, you can consult PTB federal biology and KPK Biology. Mostly in biology, you have to cram things but there are also some topics that are conceptual so, first of all, read the chapter from the book then attempt to practice MCQs or give tests. Read the information given below the diagrams and labeling of diagrams also. 

Biology is not difficult, it will give you maximum marks so prepare it well. Also, make shortlisting of important topics. 

In 2021 Virus was a very important topic so consult different books.  

Fro Kingdom Animalia:

Most students find this chapter very difficult. Trust me it is not! First, you should memorize the basic classification, and the name of the phylum then study one or two phylum daily. Memorize them and their examples especially.  

Shortlist them and note in which phylum which system emerges by time and make a shortlisting for that. The more you revise this Chapter the more it will become easy. So do as many revisions as you can .

2) Chemistry:

For Chemistry I suggest PTB and federal books are enough. In 2021, the test was mostly from PTB but in every case prepare Organic Chem well; you should know the catalyst of reactions, mechanism, and inter-conversions.  For inorganic chemistry make tables or prepare notes and you must do specific topics there like trends of different groups and periods (they are imp)  and peculiarities in these trends are very important. 

For physical chemistry read from the book, take lectures and note the exceptions. In physical chemistry mostly cramming is required so not that difficult.  

3) Physics:

It is the subject most students found very difficult but it is not. The main trick is how to attempt questions and how to apply the formula. So for this, you have to practice more and more. You should have a grip on all formulae. For this make a shortlisting of all formulae so that it will be easy for you to memorize them. 

Second important thing is units and constants! Note the units and values of constants and also make a shortlisting for that

Theory and numerical both are important so read the chapters carefully, and memorize the facts or theoretical points.

4) English:

English is not a difficult subject. In 2021 MDCAT English was very basic. Use any rule book. I suggest chemical grammar or KIPS prep book. Read the rules from there and then do practice MCQs. You can ace the English portion easily.

5) Logical Reasoning:

Logical reasoning was introduced by PMC in MDCAT 2021 for the first time but it was not that difficult. Logical reasoning is mostly about your common sense and IQ. For that, you can consult any academy’s book notes and practice tests.

PMC Paid Tests:

I suggest you must solve PMC model papers and tests which were also available to us on the PMC portal. Many  mcqs were from there . They are available on different  websites like check it out from there and consult them  . 


Do make your own shortlisting for imp things especially in Biology, Physics and Chemistry so that at the end you can just revise the important things. Make tables, points or notes or write it in your book- do whatever suits you.

Learn From Your Mistakes!!

Attempt more and more tests. If you are not getting good marks.. no problem! Don’t panic and learn from your mistakes. A mistake you made the first time should not be repeated!  Note down the MCQs which went wrong on your book on the respective chapter so whenever you revise that chapter you can recall your mistakes.

Gradually you will improve and you will see your mistakes will be less and you’ll gain more marks in tests. Don’t lose morale if you don’t get good marks in tests. Just learn from mistakes and try to be better than before.

Study Hours:

Don’t study by calculating the no. of hours because quality matters, not quantity. So diff students have different caliber some can prepare a topic in one hour while some take 2 or 3 hours or more; so examine yourself on how your body is perceiving things and study according to that but complete your task daily.

Overall Review Of The Books:

In 2021, there were many topics in the test that were not included in the syllabus so I suggest whatever your respective board curriculum is, prepare the entire book and you must have an idea about the whole syllabus of FSC of your respective board’s book and study the topic from other books that are mentioned in the syllabus of PMC.

My Advice To The Aspirants:

For both freshers & repeaters, don’t panic on rumors, do not heed the ongoing drama of PMC and their policies, just focus on your studies just focus on your goals, circumstances are the same for everyone so don’t panic just follow your timetable. 

For a repeater, stay consistent. I know by reading the same books, again and again, is frustrating but be consistent. Things will be fine soon insha’Allah!


You don’t need motivation from anyone! You should create your own motivation. If you are passionate about MBBS then you will not procrastinate. When you have a goal ahead to achieve then you’ll just put your full effort into achieving that goal.

With your studies always try to help your fellows and always be humble.  Try to keep your attitude positive because with studies. One more thing you need is prayers. Dua is the thing that changes fate so always seek help from Allah.

People will try to let you down but just ignore them and your success will prove to them that you can do everything. Give your best and leave the rest to Allah.

The End Note: Key To Success?

The key to success is firmness and consistency. Be consistent in your daily work. Complete your task daily. Don’t pile up things then you will get what you want. 

Just think about the day when your parents will be proud of you and you’ll introduce yourself as an MBBS student-this thing will give  you motivation to try more and more. I hope it helps!

Best of luck!


Wania Waseem 

AIMC 26’

If you have any questions drop them down in the comments section below or if you have any MDCAT queries, you can contact Wania Waseem directly through her Facebook ID.

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