How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle?

What is a healthy lifestyle?

Today we are going to put your attention towards a very vital side of our life, “Healthy lifestyle”. It basically means adopting all the health care activity in your daily life.

How to keep your body healthy?

To live a healthy lifestyle we need to work on the following points

1. Health

For good health we must know our body mechanism since our body acts like a machine, it also needs fuel in the form of proper & balanced diet. The most important aspects to take care of are the quantity and quality of food.

Healthy Body
  • Quantity of food should not be large; it should be sufficient according to the need of the body. One should not over eat because our stomach accepts only that quantity which our body requires of the food. The rest is stored as fat and that will lead towards obesity which is the beginning of dangerous lifestyle.
  • Another thing we should keep in our mind is that we should always take meals at accurate time. Don’t eat too late, especially in case of dinner.
  • Our body acts like a machine hence it needs fuel in the form of proper & balanced diet. Human Body Mechanism is controlled by nervous system and our nervous system responds according to the quality our food. If we continuously eat unhealthy food then our nervous system will not perform up to par; however, if we eat healthy food, it will respond healthily and heartily, so we should really take care of what type of fuel we are giving to our bodies.
  • Junk food is one luxury many are not willing to give up. But you have to limit its intake or else obesity will come knocking on your doorstep. Have junk food once a month and cut down daily consumption of soft drinks.

3. Sleep Pattern

Sufficient sleep is one of the main factors which leads towards a healthy life style. If you want to kill your stress then you must manage your sleep. Take sleep seriously; it plays an important role for our physical well being.

Benefits of sleep
  • We need to improve our sleeping patterns.
  • We should not sleep or wake up so late
  • Sleeping for at least eight hours daily will have significant positive changes in our lifestyle
  • We should also make sure that we wake up and go to sleep around the same time everyday.

4.Balanced Diet

A balanced diet consists of balanced amount of nutrients, calories & vitamins. We need to adopt a balanced diet daily rather than going on temporary diets or intermittent fasting. Our body needs meal after every four hours, don’t starve or overfeed it. Most importantly, never skip your breakfast as it kick-starts your day and makes you active the entire day and even improves your brain memory and performance. Here, I am giving a complete daily diet plan which is healthy for everyone. It is safe but diabetic and hypertension patients should consult their physician first.


  1. Meal 1: Eggs w/o yolk + 7-9 almonds.
  2. Meal 2: Bread with honey and skimmed milk.
  3. Meal 3: Fruits. (Bananas, Apples)
  4. Meal 4: Vegetables, Salads, Chicken, fish, any type of meat, roti, rice, yogurt.
  5. Meal 5: Biscuits, Sandwiches. Snacks.
  6. Meal 6: Roti with grains, grilled chicken. 


If you want to be fit in every aspect of life then you need to do some form of workout daily. Every individual has to manage his time and do workout at least half an hour a day. No need to do long sessions or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Just do some basic exercise; a brisk walk, slow running or stretching suffices.

For different tips about fitness and exercises which everybody can perform easily at home, check out:


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