Your Best Summer| How You Can Utilize It To The Fullest?

Summer brings sunshine and prospects and students have an incredible opportunity to grow and change during this time. But how can you maximize your vacation for yourself while still having fun?

Why should you work during your summer?

These summers will impact your chances of getting into top colleges and your future career trajectory more than your studies during the school year. Competition has increased between students and to differentiate between future applicants, colleges look towards your extracurricular activities rather than your grades.

How you spend your time during your summer vacation reveals your character, your mental fortitude, and your leadership abilities. So having an efficient summer can increase your chances of getting into top colleges and getting the best jobs. However, this does not mean that grades are not important, so you will have to focus on both.


What should you do to maximize your summer?

1. Learn a new skill to add to your resume.

Willingness to learn new skills is one of the most crucial qualities colleges look for when accepting new students. It demonstrate your ability to learn and highlights your dedication to growth. Growth is an essential quality in a student, as a schools job is to nurture and develop the future generation. You should focus on skills that relate to the industry that you are interested in to maximize your chances of getting into the college and program you want.

2. Get an internship.

Internships are a great way to connect textbook knowledge to real-world experience. Having an internship gives you the opportunity to work in the industry that you are interested in. This will also prepare you for your job and make it easier to get one in the future. It will attract colleges to you and give you an edge over your competitors, increasing your chances of getting into college.

3. Volunteer for a great cause.

Volunteering gives many of the same benefits as doing an internship such as real world applications of textbook knowledge and a boost to your resume. However one of the key reasons why you should volunteer is that it shows your personality. To enter a top college not only must you be a hard worker but also a good person. Your personality and your heart shows through when you volunteer and makes you that much more attractive to universities. Although you may not get experience in the field of your choice, volunteering will always help you jazz up your resume.

You must enjoy the free time you get but you should also use that free time in a fruitful manner so that you do not have any regrets in the future. In such ways you can optimize you summer. Remember to work hard and InshAllah you will be given the fruits for your labour.

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