How To Fight Stage Fright?

Whenever we hear or think of the word ‘stage’, feelings of nervousness and fright seep in and make themselves home in our minds. This is common, for it happens to pretty much everyone. 

Why do we get frightened when facing huge crowds/audiences? It is because we do not put enough trust in ourselves. We believe that our performance won’t be up to the mark; that if we commit any mistake, it’ll give people an opportunity to mortify and laugh at us. The ultimate question: What are some tips that’ll allow us to perform in front of our audience without any fear?

4Ps technique:

1. Planning:

The First P is for planning. Having everything pre-planned gives you confidence. And if you’re confident, you’re comfortable. This ensures that your performance is of optimum level. Planning, however, is not only limited to planning a topic. It also pans across every other factor that can effectively impress the audience, say, your attire, style, way of talking, body language, etc. Hence, setting up the groundwork for all such factors helps us give our best before the audience.

2. Preparation:

After planning, start preparing.

Every task in this world goes through the process of preparation for its completion. It is very difficult to accomplish anything without any backhand knowledge. If your topic is well-prepared, you will be relaxed and ready for your performance. Prepare and research your topic well before the big day arrives.

3. Practice:

The 3rd P is to continuously practice and learn your piece by heart. This can play a pivotal role in overcoming our stage fright, and keep you in the flow of your recital without facing any embarrassment or facing a scenario where you are heedless to your content in front of your audience.

As the old saying goes: practice makes perfect. More practice gives rise to more confidence and more confidence never allows negative feelings to cross our minds.

So, practice more!  Some worthwhile tips for practice are:

  • Practice alone in front of a mirror. Repeat again and again, as it also gives us a chance to identify and rectify our mistakes.
  • Practice in front of your family members/friends, as this gives you confidence to face others.

4. Performance:

The most critical and important part of any presentation is performance. It may seem difficult, but don’t let this factor get to you, for nothing is impossible in this world. If your topic is pre-planned, prepared and practiced then you should be relaxed and confident about your performance.

During your performance, follow these steps: 

  1. First, take a long breath and give yourself one last-minute motivation, thinking,“You can do it!
  2. Start with complete assurance in yourself.
  3. Make eye contact with the audience. However, also simultaneously focus on your delivery.
  4. Be relaxed, keep having thoughts like, “Nothing is impossible,” pack yourself with positivity and perform with full confidence!
I am sure by following the 4P technique you’ll able to be the most confident one on the stage!
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