What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger!

Many things in life do kill us.

Well, not literally. But they do kill our self esteem or put us under so much pressure that the mere thought of escaping is unimaginable.

Many times, people shy away from such pain. Some let themselves delve into it and let the pain swallow them, while some stay far away from that pain and never consider stepping up their ladder of life just because it’s challenging. 

Little do they realise that optimising this pain and fueling it into a secret power is the recipe of pure success.


There is nobody, who has never not taken risks in their life. I believe that it will be safe to say that risks are beneficial both ways. If taking a risk results in a positive outcome, you win. But if you lose, the next time you come close to taking another risk, you’re already aware. 

Sometimes circumstances in life bring us to a dark, dark place. It is fair to accept that everybody has to go through pain in their lives. Hence, despite being in pain, never fail to lose hope, because that pain may help you further in life.


Look at it this way…

You’re in school. You wake up early in the morning at 6 to get ready, prepare yourself for a long journey and eat what was supposed to be your breakfast at school during your lunch break. All of this is easier said than done, and yes, many students curse this way of life because they prefer sleeping in till noon. 

To be just, this does seem hard and it undoubtedly is a challenge. But when these very students grow up, they won’t get late for their job interviews and will be able to develop persistence. They will credit their lifestyle for the skills that they developed unknowingly. The gist of this example is that a challenge or any hardship increases your tolerance and teaches you many things in life. 



The same story goes hand in hand with emotional pain.

Many people damage and tear apart your ego in life and leave you wounded. Moving further in life, we do understand that this pain enables us to have nothing that we can lose. We become more than ready to face everything simply because we have been through the entire process of getting hurt and it doesn’t come off as difficult for us.

How else do you think multi-millionaires survive?

They take risks in life, and many of them don’t turn out right. J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, was rejected 12 times for the publication of her book. Ironically, along with her book, her inspirational success story made her fame stronger. The idea of Rowling to keep trying despite pressing situations and a family to look after made her story motivating. 

The very famous Walt Disney, had his designs stolen and rejected multiple times, and his hired cast of the movie ‘Pinocchio’ had depicted vile behaviour on stage. After many endeavours, Walt found his way around Disney and was clever with his recruitment process. 

An inspiration for us are our mothers.

Nine months, coupled with a painful delivery, post childbirth labour, and managing life affairs falls very heavy on one’s shoulders, however, it is this pain that propels them to make further efforts in life, have more children, raise them right, and the list goes on.



The bottom line of this whole conversation is the fact that pain always rewards us with something. Rowling is now among the most famous authors to have ever existed. Who doesn’t know about Disney nowadays? And our mothers are blessed with wonderful children. Well, this is because they tackled with pain, neither did they stray away from it, nor did they let it drown them, but they used it to become stronger.

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