How To Get Into Al-Nafees Medical College|How I Migrated to HITEC-IMS|Guide By Sohaib Ali

Hey Everyone! My name is Sohaib Ali and I’m a 3rd year medical student from HITEC-IMS. I got 1043 marks in my Matric, 934 in FSc Pre Medical and 170 something in MDCAT (I’m sorry I forgot the exact figure 😅)

I chose this career way before my Premed, probably in my early years of education. The reason for that is perhaps my exposure to the life of a doctor. There was something different about it. The respect this society has for a doctor was perhaps what made me take on this decision. Particularly the way a doctor diagnoses an ailment which a common person cannot, is just amazing.

My Journey:

My medical journey started from Cadet College Hassan Abdal where I did my Matric and FSc. Pre-Medical. It was a memorable five year experience. I then took the Entry test preparation course from KIPS. Eventually, my hard work bore fruit and the merit was way above my expectations so I got admitted to a private sector medical college, Al-Nafees Medical College, Islamabad. I didn’t lose hope and Alhumdulillah in my 3rd year of MBBS I got migrated to HITEC-IMS which is close to my home and is a NUMS college.

The Migration Process:

Migration is quite easy if you have the awareness. You can check on websites of different medical colleges for vacant seats and follow the process of application. If you need help with the procedure you can contact me. My contact details are shared at the end of the article.

Important Tips For Your MCAT Preparation:

  • I’ll advise the freshers to keep themselves as calm as possible because you’ll see many of your fellows answering every damn question in the class which will make you realize that you know nothing but that’s not true. It’s just psychological. Whatever you learn in the class, just revise that in your home. Keep it to your text books and practice different past papers.
  • Same goes for repeaters. Just give it your best shot and pray. Remember to put in your best effort.
  • Personally, I’ll suggest you to join the academy, especially the freshers because the competition is so intense and you don’t want to miss anything important. If not the whole course, join the test sessions at least.
  • Do go through some of the practice books. I remember having KIPS Practice books in my time. They were useful.

Subject-wise Guidance:

Regarding the subject-wise guidance, I’d say that the most important thing is to manage the time that you have to give to each subject and that depends on how much grip you have on a particular subject. Let’s say your concepts in Chemistry are better than that in Biology and Physics so try to give more time to Physics and Biology. Also, at the same time never take Chemistry lightly. You might think that you’re good in a particular subject but MCAT is very different from your regular board exams. 

Now coming to English, well I’d say that English in MDCAT is difficult to be honest. We think that we’re very fluent in English so it would be easy but that’s not the case. We might be good at English as a language but as a subject. It’s very different. All the grammar and vocabulary that you’ll learn during the MDCAT time, will require focus and as much time as any other subject. So the most important thing is to divide your time among all these subjects along with having some relaxing time for yourself.

All The Best!

I don’t know about this year’s pattern of the test because it changes every year. So you have to have a clear idea about the syllabus and then manage your time. You have to give time to other activities as well and look after your health. It is very essential. But the priority is always your studies. And last but not the least, if you cannot make it to a medical college, believe me you’ll do much much better in life wherever you go. Allah is the best planner. Work smart and I wish you all the best.

If you have any queries regarding the admission or migration process, then drop them in the comments below or contact me through Instagram @_alisohaib

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