Why you are more than enough?

Many of us misunderstand the idea of independence nowadays. We think independence is the freedom to do whatever we wish to. Independence is, in fact, the will to do whatever we wish to, but importantly it is the fact that we do it ourselves. 



Many of us have also, always been delusional about company. We feel that having company is the only way we can succeed; we feel that having friends is essential, having a support system is compulsory. We have felt that so many times. But in reality, we are more than enough for ourselves. Our actions and our mindset, if firm and aspirant, can enable us to achieve wonders in our life. 



Because of this, we have noticed that many successful people were turned away and rejected at some point in their life, meaning that they were alone and heedless. It was then that they rewired their mindset and work ethic, to produce something wonderful in their lives. 


Essentially, hence, it is important to realise that people are not a requirement in one’s life. Being independent and free is to do things based on one’s own mindset. Never despair if you don’t have company or friends, because in the end change starts with you. No matter how much they push you or pull you, people around you won’t have the effect you’ll have on yourself.

Furthermore, being independent is a fresh breath every second. Being independent and doing something yourself means that you don’t owe anyone anything in the future, or at any given moment. Independence is also strength and consistency, the day we choose to change ourselves, is the day we also refuse any help. People who are mostly dependent on others for their success, their success does not persist if those people leave, and they are left to hang on to entity after entity for moral support. 

On the contrary, people who are rather independent stay strong in each circumstance, hence even in the time of a crisis, they seldom give up. The fundamental reality to understand here is the fact that people around us, no matter their effort and consideration, will never be the cause of a change in us. Everyone chooses paths in their life that they pursue and follow, no one makes our path for us, we are the ones who pave our path for ourselves. Friends, people and peers around us are beneficial, yes, until a person is aware and wary of the fact that they are not to be depended on. 

No matter where we are in life, our thoughts and our mindset accompany us everywhere. We are more than enough because we choose ourselves as the only thing essential. We are more than enough, because in reality we are more than enough. No one can compete with our power. Once we have decided to work on something with all our heart and might, even the largest of armies cannot defeat us. 

We truly are more than enough.


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