Facts About Overthinking| How To Stop Overthinking?

The mind is a part of the human brain and plays an essential role. It is a precious blessing for us. We can say that the mind is just like a headquarter which controls all important things that are happening in our body or we can say things that are happening in our lives. As it is related to our thoughts and feelings. We are gifted with thinking capacity. That is the reason for our Superiority over other creations. As we know, the human brain can create a whole world. It is the capability of our brain that we can think and contemplate anything.

Thinking makes us do our jobs, and daily tasks or plan our future which is a part of our successful life. What happens to our minds when we use the term overthinking? That is everyone’s problem today. It is some kind of access or repetition of illogical, unnecessary distractive thoughts that not just creates a disturbance in our mind but also affects our body and our lives too. Like “thinking is the way to succeed”, “overthinking is the way to depression and so many other problems” and nowadays the most common problem in the world is depression which is the result of overthinking. 

Now I am going to address the most commonly asked questions:

1:What is overthinking?

2: What are the reasons for overthinking?

3: How does it affect us?

4: How can we control the Flow of our thoughts? 

What is overthinking?

The name itself define the term very clearly it means think too much repetitively, an old saying is :

“Access to anything is bad ”

If we think excessively about anything, how it can have good effects on our health?

What are the reasons for overthinking?

There are so many reasons why someone has suffered from this condition. Overthinking occurs as a result of thinking about unimportant things again and again and the main reason for this is that we assume so many things as “assumption creates tension “. It might be about relationships, studies, different issues or about future.

Some negative consequences of overthinking are:

  1. It causes tension by which we lose our capabilities to solve our problems. At the time when we need to get a solution, we feel more disturbed due to overthinking, which affects our lives too.
  2. It creates disturbance and a disturbed mind disturbs the whole body. Which makes us lazy.
  3. It also affects our sleep, and rest. When we go to bed and start thinking about our past or future we can not sleep well and will not be able to perform our daily tasks properly.
  4. It disturbs our social life too. Because the assumption is the main reason for overthinking. When we assume things about others it also disturbs our relations.

How can we control it?

1:According to a scientific research you should keep yourself busy. But the question is that a physically busy person is also facing mentally disturbance so what do we do?

It means involving yourself in such kinds of activities that distract your mind and control your illogical thoughts;

2: Spend more time in gatherings but most people are also mentally absent in the crowd so how can we control our thinking? Take part in the conversation with the ones you will feel better with.

3: Avoid sitting in a lonely place.

4: A morning walk also helps you to think about the blessings that you have and helps you to forget all those things that make you overthink.

5:The most powerful thing that helps you to leave the overthinking habit is to start writing. Writing is another name for relaxing your mind. When you start writing your thoughts on paper you feel better.

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