Against The Nature, Destruct The Life| A Short Life-changing Story

It was Sunday evening when she was sitting in a local park and thinking about her life, her problems, her tough routine and many more aspects. After a long time she got a little time for herself. Her life was totally changed from what it was the last few years when she had started a job along with her studies to prove herself and her abilities. With all these thoughts, her eyes were just looking for something that gives her relaxation, and a relief to her depressed mind.

The park was full of people but in a crowd of people she wanted to be alone and just spend a half hour with herself to ponder What is she? And what is she doing? After a few moments of searching she found a flowering plant near the half wall from where the road could easily be seen. It was full of fresh Roses. In the fragrance of roses the atmosphere seemed to be glamorous but her gloomy mind, unable to feel the beauty of the nature, of her surroundings and focus on herself. Her thoughts were totally opposite to the environment  but at last she found that between all the flowers there was a  rose that was totally withered. With its witherness it showed its sorrow or maybe, she saw a reflection of her own sorrow in that flower. And she thought that the flower and her life are totally the same because of its location.

The flower was at the side of the road and which took it away from nature. She thought we both are the same because for the purpose of achieving some kind of high profile we even forgot ourselves, we can’t even listen to ourselves. Just visually it was developed that we were just losing ourselves.  For instance, the flower which was at the side of the road, lost not just its beauty and charm but even lost its life.

Yes, it is true that one should respect others’ opinions but it doesn’t mean  that you should take them as orders. You should  have your own way, your own choices to spend or live your life. She totally emerged in the flower and her life, her imaginative mind started a comparison between the both. And she realized that what she was doing was not hard work, she just pretended to impress others, she just wanted to look like the best, or just wanted to be developed, which totally affected her life, her academics and also her happiness. 


"Doing things solely to impress others is equivalent to doing nothing"

Everything that you want to do you should do it. But don’t waste your life satisfying others with your actions that take you down a wrong path, a path which will destroy your personality, your uniqueness which gives you your inner beauty.

With all the thoughts, suddenly she realized that her darkness was spreading in her surroundings. Time goes by too quickly. The sun was totally set up. She stood up, grabbed her bag and went on her own way. 

Choose your own path, don’t imitate others. Otherwise, you have just lost yourself and the joy of your own life!

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