Spirituality: An Ageless Symbol of Quality Life


A few days back, I was feeling down. Everything seemed normal but something was causing turmoil in my life that I was unable to recognize. Then I started to scrutinize my life and went on the way to discover that missing piece. At first, I found nothing, and that anxiety became a part of my life. Until I heard somewhere the word spirituality which made me realize that the missing piece I was searching for, is my lost connection with my spiritual health. So what is spiritual health and what is it’s tremendous power to cause anxiety and repressed feelings in a person? Here the meaning of the word “spiritual”; comes from the Latin word spiritus” which means ‘Breath’; a symbol of life. Oxford learner dictionary defines spirituality “as a connection with the human soul not with the physical body”. Which means it deals with the metaphysical world. To keep ourselves intoxicated, we have to care and give attention not only to physical health but spiritual health. After reading the definition, we can say that spiritual health affects the body more severely if not taken proper care of. 

“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.”

Kahlil Gibran

Vastness of Spirituality


Spirituality is not merely restricted to religion as some people perceive it however it is much mightier. Religion was one aspect that takes us to spirituality although it is a variable thing;  people perceive it differently. Some people’s spirituality depends on excelling in their goals, some people’s spirituality is on social work and some people’s spirituality is in relation to their God.

In the boarder sense, spirituality is metaphysics which means beyond physics. It is a way of living, it does not deal with the physical world, we can say that it is the driving energy that results in positivity. Spirituality is an experience and it is unique to every single person. It can be obtained from personal experience, not by any book or lecture. 

How to Attain Spiritual Health?

After understanding what spirituality is, we must know how to elevate spirituality or how a person becomes spiritually healthy.

  • The first thing is we do not have to make our needs our objective. If we associate these then spirituality hits its downfall. Our purpose in life should be higher than our needs. Greater purpose means greater spirituality. Don’t confine it to trivial things.
  •  The second thing is that your objective should not be time-bound. It means we do not need to limit it. If that is the case then after achieving that objective we feel spiritually hollow. Spiritual hollowness is a major problem faced by modern man.
  • The third thing is that whatever effort you put into achieving that objective should benefit other people as well. Its benefits must not be bound to your own self. This is called nobility. A noble objective is required to elevate spirituality. As I have said spirituality is metaphysical however it requires the physical body to reach metaphysics which means others should also be the beneficiary of your objective. Spirituality is about helping others not only yourself. The grand objective must be necessary. 
  • The fourth and last one is that you should have some sort of legacy. People will respect you. It will only happen when you help others and engage with them in the best possible way. Your actions are responsible for legacy.
meditation, spirituality

That’s how you attain spirituality in your life. There are also many other ways to accomplish spirituality such as gratitude, meditation, yoga, thinking positively, learning the art of forgiving, living in harmony, practicing your religion, etc. 

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.


Importance of Spirituality

When a person goes on the journey of spirituality, his life gains a special kind of bliss that prevents him from disturbance.

I close my eyes in order to see.

Paul Gauguin
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