Top 9 Ways To Overcome Depression| How You Can Cure Depression At Home?

Do you feel uneasy and unmotivated most of the time? Have you lost your life’s purpose and are willing to embark on a journey of self-exploration? Well, you are not alone because there are many like you. But do not fear because there are those too who can be the doctor of your soul.

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest.

Depression is quite common nowadays, but times have changed and people have started to realise the importance of mental health and therapy. Now that you are one step closer to your bright future, keep on reading till the end.

Before we move on to the ways to overcome depression, we must be aware of its root cause.

Why do we get depressed?

Non-acceptance and ingratitude lead to hopelessness, which leads to depression. A wrong reaction to an event leads to a chain of events that digs the roots of depression exponentially. Another cause is being unable to decide who and what is best for you, which results in a toxic relationship. Finally, losing identity, personality, character, and self-value turn a person into a puppet who has lost themselves while unraveling the likes and dislikes of those who surround them. Keeping high expectations from everyone around you, leaves you shattered into uncounted pieces. I could keep on writing about the causes of depression, as human emotions are crazy and vast. But to sum it up it results when you lose control of yourself.

Here are 9 ways to overcome it..

Medications and pills are not the immediate solutions to get rid of this mental issue, as they can have their own side effects and some can also lead to addiction. So here I’ll be sharing with you the natural and effective ways to deal with it.

1.Believe in yourself

Number one on the list is to believe in yourself and never underestimate the power you have within yourself. It is to accept that out of all creatures, humans are superior including you too; to realise that mistakes lead to improvement and improvement leads to a better version of you.

2.Having Trust In God

Have patience and have the belief that Allah has planned the best for you and that the outcome will be the best of all. Everyone can leave you, but God will never leave you alone in your unfortunate times. God loves you more than the love of seventy mothers combined; why would He want you to suffer? I urge you to think of those times that were challenging but afterwards led to a moment in your life that you had always longed for! Everything that happens according to the wish of Allah is what’s best for us! So why worry when the Lord of this whole world is there to care for you? You are not alone!

3.Your Peace of Heart lies in...

Give some time to your religious practices and offer supplications; spend some time in remembrance of Allah! I know we are all busy; some with studies, some with jobs, and others with their businesses. In this busy world, we forget that there’s something more important that we are missing, i.e. Remembrance of our God, the Creator of the entire Universe.

When a person deeply gets indulged in worldly matters, he can’t find peace anywhere. People try to find happiness in materialistic, worldly things like money, grades, love, wealth, and fame, but nothing works, why? It is because our soul longs for its Creator. So when you’ll try to give some time to prayers and Zikr you will surely feel a difference. When you raise your hand for supplication and ask for His help, He surely responds.

As Allah says in the Holy Quran, “Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.” 13:28

4.A single problem has multiple solutions

Now we know the remedy to attain peace of heart and soul, but how do we cope with the problems we face in life? Whenever we face a problem, we think a big mishap has occurred in our life, and we think we are the only ones with this issue. Yet, this isn’t true, problems are a part of life; it is like the fall that teaches you how to ride a bicycle or how to take your first step. We often start to count the negatives in our life, in our surroundings but we forget about the positives. I know the situation might be complex but instead of worrying about it, look for optimistic ways to solve the matter!

5.Learn To Accept

Life is incomplete without problems, it’s a palette of colourful life events. You can not realise how happiness is a blessing unless you’ve gone through its opposite. Accepting that it is just a part of life can heal you. Recognize the issue and think of all the possibilities to get rid of it. I am sure you’ll then reach a favourable outcome.

6.Count The Blessings You Have

Take a deep breath and list all the blessings you have in life and compare it with the issue you’re facing, the problem is nothing! So do not dwell on it.


Look around you and see others who don’t have what you do and you will take a sigh of relief and definitely, thanks will come out of your mouth. Be thankful for what you have and don’t cry for what you don’t or for your problems but rather work hard to find a solution.

7.Live In Present

Past might be hurtful but dwelling on the past won’t make any difference. So try living in the present. Live as if you’ve never had a problem. Don’t allow your problems to overshadow you. Living in the present moment means no longer worrying about the happenings in the past and not fearing what will happen in the future. It means that you’re enjoying what’s happening right now and living for today.

8.It’s okay not to be okay

People still think that it’s considered a weak personality if they cry or if they share their emotions but it’s okay to vent out your emotional baggage. It’s okay to not be okay every day. Share the problem with your parents or your closest friend, who can give you a shoulder to lean on. The closest relations can understand you better than anyone else so instead of piling your emotions inside let them out.

9.Your Happiness lies within you

Life is like the Game of Thrones, at last, we can keep our beliefs strong enough and keep ourselves at first because we are the only ones responsible for our happiness. Stop associating your happiness with others. Practise self-care, get enough sleep and find small ways to provide service to others. Giving happiness to others is a great source of self-contentment!

After following these easy steps, I am sure you will be able to recover from your depressive modes to a normal happy life.

You can also read out the following useful guide from BOCA Recovery Centre to know more about depression:

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