From Midterms, Master The Surprising Life Hacks

Lessons to learn from your midterms!


Everything in the world gives us some lessons, and so do the midterm exams. First, we must understand what midterms are. Midterms are the type of exam that occurs in the middle of an academic session, providing students a chance to demonstrate their knowledge while simultaneously helping them understand their course. Midterms seem to be terrifying for students because they are not thoroughly prepared for them due to their busy schedules with regular classes. However, despite being scary, these exams are very important for identifying your weaknesses in a subject or topic.

Nevertheless, exams are always stressful, whether midterms or finals, but they teach you some essential life lessons that help you in almost every step of life. Here are a few lessons to learn through the midterm exams.

Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today


This is an idiom that almost everyone has heard and believes. In the case of midterm exams, you must work on this to prevent any future stress or anxiety. You should prepare your notes, lectures, and extra information on time. Try not to show a careless attitude towards studying and complete your course preparation before exams. If you have participated in class quizzes and tasks, then you may have a sufficient understanding of that subject and can easily prepare for it in a short amount of time. If you act upon these tips in real life, then you will surely keep away from unpleasant situations and feel freer. 

"Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen."

—Wayne Huizenga

Stick to the point

Stick to the main point of your subject’s content. Generally, midterm exams include MCQs, filling in the blanks, and short questions that don’t need extra information. You just have to write about the main concept/point that the question asks. So avoid wasting time gathering extra points and just clarify your concepts. This can also help you identify your points of weakness in a particular topic or concept. Then you can timely discuss that very topic with the teacher and clear up any confusion. Just like in real life, when we keep ourselves on point, we don’t go down the rabbit hole automatically.


"We can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enough."

— Helen Keller

Stay cool as a cucumber


You have to believe in yourself. You are capable enough of facing any obstacle in life. So trust yourself and repeat this affirmation to yourself: “Yeah, I can do this and I am fully prepared for it.Don’t let self-doubt cloud your thoughts. Stay hydrated and eat healthily. On exam night, get proper sleep and plan a study revision schedule. Once you follow these tips, you are bound to remain calm and peaceful.

"A happy mind is a learning mind."

—Anthony T. Hincks

Feel free to make mistakes

Don’t hesitate to make mistake but learn from them. Don’t obsess over your thoughts or their consequences. Learning from mistakes is the key to success, as every mistake compels you to gain a new experience that remains in your memory for a long time and comes into use later.

"If you have the guts to keep making mistakes, your wisdom and intelligence will leap forward with huge momentum."

—Holly Near.

Be creative

mids, creativity

Show your creative side in your exams and take risks by exploring new ways to express your ideas. That will help you earn good grades, and your educators will be impressed by you. Original ideas are always appreciated, so try to probe yourself; in this way, you may also discover your hidden talents and qualities.  

"Creativity takes courage."

—Henri Matisse

This, too, shall pass

Exams are always a hard time for everyone, but like many other hard times, they will also pass. Learn something new from this time, then let it go. 


"Never give up, for that is just the place and situation where the tide will turn."

—Harriet Beecher Stowe

Don't be complex!


Simple language is appreciable as it helps in better understanding your point of view, be it in exams or a real-life incident. 




"Teachers can open the door, but you must enter it yourself."

—Chinese proverb

You have to work on yourself and clear your mind to gain originality and come up with creative ideas. Gaining high grades should not be your only objective; creating novelty in life should be. Stay focused on your studies and don’t panic; you are not alone in this situation and you will surely make it through. Lastly, good luck with the midterms, and remember to learn some lessons!

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